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About Bloom

 Bloom believes being connected to the natural world makes people happier and the planet stronger.
We want to inspire everyone to find joy in nature by sharing diverse ideas, knowledge, spirit and stories.


Bloom is an independent publisher for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Alongside books and stationery, we publish a seasonal print magazine that looks beautiful and it works hard; it makes you muse on the handsomeness of nature and it inspires you to get out there and be a part of it.

Published in spring, summer and autumn, each issue of Bloom magazine brings together expert gardening advice and creative explorations of the natural world, and celebrates all green spaces, from wilderness to windowsills.

Responsible printing 

Bloom is printed using 100% offshore wind electricity sourced in the UK. It is FSC certified, ensuring responsible use of the world’s forest resources. 100% of the inks used are vegetable-oil based. 95% of press chemicals are recycled for further use and 99% of any waste associated with printing Bloom is recycled and the remaining 1% is used to generate energy.

Bloom is an independent publishing house launched in autumn 2018 by Zena Alkayat. 

The idea for Bloom came about in the way so many good ideas do. At the time, I had just moved into a house with a garden (my first!) and I was looking for a magazine that would help me turn my barren plot into a beautiful one. Finding something that spoke to me – someone with limited gardening experience, a tiny budget and an appreciation of good design – was next to impossible.

As a journalist and publisher, I realised I could create the magazine of my dreams myself. I wanted it to be enthusiastic, accessible, gorgeous to look at and diverse in the stories it told and the people who told them. I wanted it to be something to keep and refer to for years, and it needed to deliver more than just gardening information – it had be a celebration of nature in all its forms.

So I reached out to friends and colleagues, gardeners, horticultural experts, naturalists, photographers and illustrators, and together we make the magazine I always felt should exist. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.




Founder + publisher
Zena Alkayat

Art director
Sarah Pyke



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