Books: Eat Your Greens!

22 Ways to Cook a Carrot and 788 Other Delicious Recipes to Save the Planet

Discover new adventurous ways to prepare a parsnip and myriad ways to cook cabbage with this book of more than 800 plant-focused recipes. From brilliant beets to roasted radishes, each chapter offers countless simple methods to use a single vegetable.

With simple instructions and general tips that allow for flexibility and creativity, Eat Your Greens! inspires you to create delicious green dishes all year round. Raw, sliced, grated, juiced, pickled, boiled, sautéed, broiled, deep-fried, baked, or roasted, you’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

Publisher: Gestalten / Authors: Anette Dieng & Ingela Persson / 188 pages / Colour photography

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